Beck Arnley 101-7299 Idler Arm

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What Are Idler Arms?

Idler arms are an integral part of any four-wheeled automobile. They serve as the main pivoting support for the steerage linkage, especially if the automobile is fashioned on the parallelogram steering linkage. Bolting to the vehicle’s frame/sub-frame, the idler arm supports the link which is present on the passenger side of the automobile.


When Should You Replace Idler Arms?

Just like all other parts, an idler arm is also susceptible to damage and deterioration. There are normally three things you should watch out for which might indicate that you need a replacement soon.

  • Road Walking

This is when the car seems to be rocking back and forth, regardless of how fast or slow you might be moving. 

  • Freewheeling

This can only be properly diagnosed by a professional mechanical because it requires the front of the car to be raised or suspended off the ground.

  • Free-moving Wheel

A broken idler arm results in the steering wheel moving freely without any resistance, even if the car is parked or sitting still.

If any of these symptoms are there, it’s crucial that you get a new idler arm as soon as possible for a safer driving experience!


Current Best-sellers

No two idler arms are the same. Most of the products on this list differ only slightly. However, the underlying concept and functionality are consistent in all of them. The reason some idler arms are preferable over others is because of their design and how well it will ‘sit’ in the vehicle of the customer. 

Furthermore, people often also go for products that have been endorsed by their mechanic or family member. Without further delay, here are the top selling products currently featured on our site!


This model comes with a remote zerk and is a heavy, strong, and well-fitting addition to your vehicle.


If you’re scouting for a product that can give you longevity and durability, this is the one for you. The main features of this model are its robustness and sturdy material, which makes it optimal for harsh environments.


The main selling point of the model is its accessibility and ease of usage. The assembly manual is quite simple, which is why it is easier to get the hang of as compared with other products.



When it comes to being on the road, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always ensure that you get the right product for yourself so that your vehicle’s integrity isn’t compromised. If you have any recommendations or feedbacks, you can get in touch with us via our email!