Step-by-Step Guide To Restoring Your Cars Handling With The Idler Arm Repair Kit

idler arm repair

Idler arm repair kit comes with a wide range of small repair parts including, but not limited to, bushings, nuts, bolts, and washers, etc. Before you get on the road, you need to make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition and none of its parts are malfunctioning.


The worst thing that could happen is you overlooking something as small and insignificant as a damaged idler arm and ending up putting your life, and the lives of those around you, at risk.

An idler arm serves as a bridge to connect the transmission to the wheels to transfer force from the former to the latter. This ensures that your wheel performs firmly and keeps its alignment in check.


If you have ever noticed your car swaying from side to side every time you removed your hand from the starting wheel, it was because of your idler arm’s malfunction.


Should something like this happen, the matter might seem to be quite insignificant on the surface. Hence, you might want to overlook the issue. However, before you disregard the issue at hand, you should consider that such a malfunction could have on your vehicle’s overall performance. There is no other way to deal with this without getting a new idler arm repair kit.

idler arm bushing

When shopping for the repair kit, make it a point to buy an idler arm repair kit that comes with all the necessary parts required for removing a damaged idler arm. And while you do that, do not, under any circumstances, compromise on the quality of the idler arm repair kit.


A genuine tip for you is to keep checking the arm of your vehicle regularly to detect any problem beforehand and to avoid long-term damage and serious issues.


Restoring Car’s Handling With An Idler Arm Repair Kit

A vehicle’s steering system consists of two main components that ensure the smooth handling of the car’s movements and direction. These two components are the pitman arm and the idler arm. They work together in a harmony to make sure the car does not lose its balance as it runs over the road bumps.


If you want to figure out whether or not something is wrong with your car’s idler arm, check if it loses its balance and orientation when hitting road bumps. If it does, then you need to get your idler arm repair kit out and either repair or replace your idler arm.


Tools To Use For Repairing Includes:

  1. New idler arm repair kit
  2. Grease
  3. Needle-nose pliers
  4. Diag wire cutter
  5. Long breaker bar
  6. Screwdriver set
  7. Socket set
  8. Pitman arm puller
  9. 18mm-.5 drive wrench
  10. Jack and jack stands


Steps To Follow For Repairing An Idler Arm With A Repair Kit:

  1. Take out the wheel using the jack and place the car on the stand as you place another floor jack to make sure the vehicle is secured.
  2. Take the cotter pin from the idler’s nut and, using a breaker bar and a 15/16 socket, remove the idler’s nut.
  3. Find the two bolts that have secured the idler arm to your vehicle and remove them with an appropriate wrench.
  4. Using a pitman puller, detach the idler arm.
  5. If you see fit and feel the need to do so, you can replace your pitman arm as well.
  6. Place the new idler arm in the center link, installing the new bolts in the new washers you have installed beneath the bolt heads.
  7. Make sure that you place the idler arm such that the frame bolts slip easily through the opening of the bolts.
  8. Put the washer and nuts back to their original place.
  9. Placing the large center link bolt on your idler arm, tighten it according to the instructions of your vehicle.


Don’t forget to apply some grease on your new idler arm.

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